Transform participant Engagement and Retention with a Health and Wellness Management Program

Group 35617

Patient Connect 360 is a wellness engagement and participant retention platform. We achieve those objectives by providing ongoing non-clinical wellness programs and coach-led follow-up which provides value-added engagement. We also enable providers to create custom assessments and care plans for their participants which further strengthens the provider-participant relationship.

On Board

We onboard a new provider by creating a custom setup for them. We can port existing participants in the platform or they can download the app and create their own log in.

Out Of The Box

The platform will come with built-in assessments and care plans that could be provided to the participants and prospects for improving health and wellness from day one.

  • Customizable: The provider can create their own assessments and care plans as well, both generic and participant-specific.
  • Follow Up: Our digital coaches will follow up with participants to answer questions regarding the built-in assessment and plans and redirect other clinic-specific queries to the practice helpdesk.

Patient Connect 360 Helps Retain Participants with Value Added Engagement.

Price For Platform

  • We charge $50/ per month per provider. We define providers by the number of provider licenses. If a nurse and two doctors want access to the platform, that’s three licenses.
  • No long-term contract except a one-month termination notice.
  • Providers can also use our platform to create new care plans without extra charge.
  • The provider organization needs to subscribe to at least 2 licensees.
  • All built-in care plans could be used as is or modified by providers free of cost.
  • If Providers want us to create new care plans, we charge $250 flat fee per care plan.