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Raj studies in 12th in XYZ college in Pune. His father is a retired govt. servant and is a patient with cardiovascular disease. Father has a problem of high cholesterol and BP.  One day, Raj was in the classroom and he receives a message from his mother. His father was having pain in his left shoulder and chest. Raj and his family need medical help.

How does PatientConnect360 help in this situation? Let’s see…

Raj went home in about a half an hour and checks his father’s condition. His father was not suffering from unbearable pain but was really feeling uneasy. Raj wanted someone to monitor his father’s health at that moment. He measures his father BP using a BP monitor machine and put the readings in the PatientConnect360 app. He gets notifications of a percentile of heart risk factor on the app.

After getting a notification, he immediately takes an appointment from PatientConnect360. He selects a reason of taking an appointment and gets the recommendation of top 3 physicians related to his reason. In a discussion with the doctor after his father’s checkup, he came to know that his father could have suffered a heart attack. Symptoms of chest and shoulder pain aren’t good and their quick actions prevented it from happening.

PatientConnect360 organizes patient routes or treatment plans better, and also provide physicians with literally all the information they need to make a good decision. PatientConnect360 introduces quick and efficient features like Heart risk factor notification, appointments and physician recommendation which can be used in regular and in the emergency circumstances.

Yadnesh Khairnar

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