A doctor who makes free delivery for girl child


Dr. Ganesh Rakh   kicked off a unique initiative MASS PEOPLE MOVEMENT of “Save The Girl Child”.  A normal delivery costs a patient Rs 10,000, and a caesarean delivery costs Rs 25,000, but Dr. Rakh hass absolutely no charge if a girl is born. And since he took the decision, he has waived the cost of delivering 432 baby girls so far.

Dr Rakh, the son of a coolie and a maid, wanted to be a wrestler as a child, but his mother convinced him to study and in the process. He had to endure a lot of hardship and discrimination. This made him even more compassionate when he saw how the society was treating mothers who give birth to a girl child. The family would celebrate with sweets when a boy child was born, but leave crying if a girl child was born.  To change this, he decided to stop charging fees for a female child, and provide cakes to celebrate the girl children.

Dr Rakh knows that his initiative is merely a baby step towards changing society’s attitudes towards the girl child. But now, there are 17,000 doctors in India who have joined him in supporting women who give birth to girl children, either by charging very low fees or no fee at all.

To promote such kind of good initiative, we at CompuMatrice have to contribute something that will help them to meet their goals. Since we are in the healthcare product software company we offered our product PatientConnect360 free of charge for Dr. Rakh and co-workers to use at “Medicare Hospital Foundation”.

PatientConnect360 streamlines all the healthcare processes and helps maintain all the information. It has various features which you can see on the PatientConnect360 app and website.

We have also created a website and will sponsor it so that Dr. Rakh’s message can be heard globally online, and there is a place for donations towards his efforts.  What can you do to help?

Following are few glimpse from the visit :


     Facilitating Dr. Rakh from right Julie Markus (chief of staff), Dr. Ganesh Rakh , Taryn Fuller (Manager – Testing),



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