PatientConnect360 with AI and IoT – Redesigning Healthcare Systems


Healthcare organizations are growing their quality of infrastructure. Healthcare infrastructure includes physical facilities, laboratory, pharmaceuticals and other materials, trained staff and professional and mechanisms to distribute and manage resources, expertise to people who need them. Such systems provide care and good service to the patient.

But, organizations face loss of their resources and funds due to many reasons. For example, the most common and risky is loss of time in decision making. If a patient is in ICU, a continuous monitoring system should be there to track the patient health. But, most of the time humans can track only the physical activities of a patient. Labs take time to give the test results of a patient. Delays can be hazardous in such situation and thus timely and automated decision making can make better effects in patient care.

PatientConnect360 tries to help doctors and patients in such scenarios. AI in PatientConnect360 has Anomaly Detection from Lab records, which shows the latest abnormal lab record. Hospital organizations have different lab departments. After lab tests are recorded in EMR, our AI system detects the abnormal lab records for that patient and sends it on the app. Abnormality is been verified using domain knowledge, meaning, we have normal ranges from data provider and we check detected anomaly value of lab records with that. Studies find patients with urgent needs get quick care.

PatientConnect360 put an effort in making healthcare processes faster and more documented to make it more simple and satisfactory for the patient and the healthcare organization.  Wouldn’t you want your results faster?

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