What happens to your body when you overeat?



Tasty, oily, fast food – it’s almost impossible to exert self-control when it comes to your favorite foods. All of us overeat from time to time, but when this becomes a regular habit, it leads to weight gain and causes a lot of other health problems.


  • Your Stomach Swells

When you overeat, you feel like your belly is about to burst and your tummy hurts. Contrary to popular belief, overeating does not make your stomach stretch permanently, but it does cause it to temporarily swell and it can even push against the other organs within the abdominal cavity – which is obviously not a good thing!


  • You Get Super sleepy

Blood sugar levels go up as your body digests your meals, which then makes your body produce more insulin to get rid of the excess sugar. High levels of insulin are linked to sleepiness.


  • You Feel Bloated & Gassy

Our bodies have trouble digesting certain foods like dal, beans, and cabbage and this causes a buildup of gas within the intestines. When you overeat, your body takes longer to digest such a large amount of food, which leads to more gas, which in turn leads to you feeling full and bloated for hours.


  • You Get Severe Acidity

Your stomach produces gastric acids to help you digest your food so the more you eat, the more acid your body is forced to produce. A large meal takes much longer to pass through the digestive system, which increases the chances of an acidity attack.


  • You are hungry Again Within A Few Hours

You’ve had such a large lunch that you wonder if you’ll have to skip dinner and yet a few hours later you’re ravenous and ready for round 2! This is because your large meal caused a spike in insulin levels which lasted for a couple of hours and then crashed. Since insulin plays a dominant role in the regulation of food intake, you start to feel hungry within hours of your large meal!


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  1. Rohit says:

    helpful and nice information…

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  2. Pritam Bhandari says:

    Wow….what a nice blog, I am gonna stop overeating from tomorrow. Thanks Ashish!

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